ariel marie calvo  
name: ariel calvo
birth date & age: august 17, 1992; 20
studying: broadcasting major @ lsu
occupation: waitress @ touchdown
marital status: single
sexual preference: heterosexual currently resides: beaumont industrial

ariel calvo was born a second generation mexican american to parents who had settled into larson, co. long before she had ever been born growing up she had heard stories of her grandparents, who passed before she had been born, and how they had settled in the united states and found one another and she was enraptured by the fairytale. it was this story that sparked an idealistic nature of what love should be and her age has done little to shake it.

growing up she had always been one to seek out the spotlight. if there was a reading to be done at school or someone to lead the kid's homily at church she was the first one to volunteer. the stress of public speaking that some fear just never seemed to dawn on her as an idea. she liked being the focus of attention. it wasn't long before this love translated into local children's theater but her parents honestly just didn't have the money it took to encourage her talent like she would have wished.

ariel had always had a strong conviction that someday she would be on television. she envisioned herself as the mexican-american i love lucy but small town girls don't always grow up to be celebrities. she set her sights a little smaller, to the news, wanting to be the one reporting it not someone stuck behind a weather desk with a pointy stick. she didn't know a whole lot about politics or current events but she read and she learned and that had always been her strongest suit, a voracious appetite to learn and conquer whatever obstacle is in her way.

in her first year of college, the first year away from her close catholic upbringing, ariel went a bit wild. she drank, she smoked mostly whatever was put in front of her, and generally did a bit too much of everything. it took a bunch of soul searching and her parents threatening to cut tuition that they could barely already afford before ariel returned back to the straight and somewhat narrow.

between interning at the college televsion station as an on air anchor and working as a waitress at touchdown, it is only barely that she is able to afford the small loft that she lives in. more often than not her parents chip in to help her afford her monthly costs but month to month it is a tight race to see if she will have enough money to scrape through. it was her parents wish that she keep from spending the money that she got from student loans for anything other than necessity or bills but more than once she has dipped in to get a new tattoo or to an item of clothing she just couldn't resist, something she hopes her parents don't catch wind of anytime soon.

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